About MAGO

Nagasaka Mago

Founder of MAGO CREATION Co., Ltd. / MAGO Art & Study Institute

Agbogbloshie is an impoverished area in Ghana that is known as the world’s largest graveyard of electronic devices. Under the slogan “Sustainable Capitalism,” artist Nagasaka Mago (MAGO) has set out to change the problems of poverty and the environment in this area with the power of art.

Born in Fukui Prefecture, Japan in 1984, MAGO became a street painter when his company went bankrupt in 2009. In June 2017, he visited Agbogbloshie, an extremly poor Ghanaian neighborhood known as “the world’s largest graveyard of electronics”. He asked himself, “Is it so important for us to create wealth at the expense of these people, who are said to be dying in their 30s from cancer due to breathing a lot of toxic fumes?” He decided to use the power of art to convey this truth to developed countries.

Nagasaka Mago

MAGO's Sustainability Efforts

With funds generated from art sales, MAGO has delivered more than 1000 gas masks to Ghana. Then in 2018, he established the first school in the slum, “MAGO ART AND STUDY”. On his 5th visit to Agbogbloshie in August 2019, he spent 53 days there in order to establish the slum’s first cultural institution, the MAGO E-Waste Museum, for their new hope and life. The project was filmed by Emmy Award-winning director Kern Konwiser and shown in the documentary “Still A Black Star.” The documentary was awarded the “Award of Merit Special Mention” of Impact Docs Awards 2020 in the United States.

Gas Masks
Delivered more than 1,000 gas masks to Ghana, Agbogbloshie.
Mago School
In 2018, MAGO established the first school in Ghana, “MAGO ART AND STUDY”
Set up a 7m-high “E-Waste Tree” made of recycled PET bottles, as the symbol for peace, titled “Moon Tower”

Message from MAGO

To Paint for World Peace on the Earth as a Canvas

MAGO’s ultimate goal as an artist is to bring world peace through art. He is really trying to make it happen.

MAGO has set the icon for world peace as the “Full Moon”. To solve the Ghanaian slum case will build a bridge to future world peace. Please invest a small portion of your assets into MAGO’s art. Accumulation of your love connects to the recycling plant construction at the site.

“Without a beautiful world, mankind cannot live life in beauty. Therefore, by means of beauty, art leads us to peace.”

Mago Signature

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